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We share experiences of our fellows!

Seminar Series of COMFOCUS is a consumer research exchange aimed at enhancing our fellows’ studies within a supportive environment. Every two weeks, fellows can present their study and get some feedback from other fellows.

This time, we would like to share some experience and thoughts of Artur Głuchowski, who presented his study at Seminar Series on April 4th, 2024.

Dr. Artur Głuchowski, a visiting researcher from Warsaw University of Life Sciences, explored how various snacks affect consumers’ liking, declared emotions, and psychophysiological reactions. The study was conducted in April 2024, and 50 participants assessed six samples (3 pairs of identical-looking snacks; one was sweet and the other was savory). All samples looked like desserts, had a similar weight, were bite-sized, and were developed by students of the Culinary Academy of Belvedere in Warsaw. The study involved implicit (FaceReader, eye tracking, EDA meter) and explicit measurements of hedonic and emotional reactions (hedonic scale, CATA using the EsSense 25 lexicon).

Artur says: “The presentation during the Seminar Series of the Comfocus project helped me review the study design, remove small flaws before the trial, and enrich the study protocol with new ideas. All the comments from the auditor were helpful, showed me different points of view, and made me feel more confident as a Food Consumer Scientist”.