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“Seminar Series of COMFOCUS”.

You are invited to participate in a consumer research exchange featuring work from fellows across Europe, aimed at enhancing our fellows’ studies within a supportive environment.


The first seminar is scheduled for Thursday, March 7th, from 12 to 1 PM CET, featuring a presentation by Michela Albano titled “Behind consumers’ words: The case of pork bellies varieties in supermarkets.” Michela, a COMFOCUS fellow, will be visiting Surrey to carry out a study on pork products, examining variations in fat content, packaging types, and label information, alongside measurements of eye movements, heart rate, and electrodermal activity. The abstract of the presentation is available in the attached document.


To join the session, please click here.


We encourage other fellows to present their research in this seminar series and will be enormously happy to have your presentation there!


See you there!