The face-to-face project meeting took place in Schiphol on May, 31st 2023.

The work package leaders gathered together to reflect on the recent and upcoming activities and move forward towards the goals and actions to be taken in the nearest future.

The meeting included discussions on the knowledge platform, library and discussion platform. Fruitful and informative discussions followed by a short speech of each work package leader.

On the meeting every project member received a clear understanding of what is going to be done in the nearest future, namely:

  • To have a clear and joined vision of the end point of COMFOCUS;
  • Create an overview of where, as a consortium, we are in reaching the promised goals and to identify gaps, risks and activities to reach the promised goals.
  • Create and stimulate interlinkages and cooperations between Networking Activities and Joint Research Activities resulting in concrete action points.

After the meeting, everyone understands the importance of having a clear vision on what is the project end point in 2025.

Keeping the project on board in food consumer science field and ensuring its successful existence after its end are the main goals for every institution involved in COMFOCUS.