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COMFOCUS will be present in the “Farm to Fork: sustainable production & consumption in public canteens” Summer School!

We’re excited to announce the agenda of #COMFOCUS WORKSHOP “New approaches to work with data” on 12th of September!!

The session will take place online in English.

Participation is free.

  • Don’t miss this opportunity!

🥕🥬🍴The programme will provide an insight into the issues of sustainable production and consumption in the context of the Farm to Fork strategy in order to promote healthier and more sustainable diet solutions in the contexts of RIS countries in Europe. In particular, several teams will work to co-develop an innovative proposal for sustainable public canteens. Each team will work according to its preferences on one of the following key topics:

  • Zero food waste 
  • Alternative proteins
  • Organic & local production

The “Farm to Fork: sustainable production & consumption in public canteens” Summer School programme is structured with a student-centred vision and a project-based approach, which encourages young innovators to use the tools provided by highly qualified experts to co-develop their own innovative and business-driven idea of sustainable food canteen.

The learning content will be supported by university professors from the University of Bologna, the University of Turin, the University of Aarhus and by highly qualified professionals in entrepreneurship in the food system. In addition, experts in public canteens and the areas related to sustainable production and consumption will be invited to discuss and give important input to the students.

At the end of the programme, the student will gain knowledge on the challenges related to the sustainability of public food service, becoming aware of the local dimension and the Farm-to-Fork dynamics, and being ready to develop concrete strategies with an entrepreneurial mindset. This will be an innovative and practical learning-by-doing opportunity focused on addressing global and local food challenges for sustainability.

This programme will provide you with an insight into sustainable production and consumption towards healthier diets. The programme will focus on Southern and Eastern European countries to address sustainable production and consumption and major nutritional challenges within the framework of the European Farm-to-Fork strategy. The courses will take place online in English for a duration of 3 weeks: from the 5th to the 23rd of September 2022.

🔹 The school’s programme includes a total of 60 hours of study (online, offline and teamwork) and participation will be certified, which will allow the university course coordinators to apply for the recognition of corresponding CFU/ECTS

🔹  Participation is free.

🔸The agenda with the detailed programme will be published soon on the website.